North American Economy

Economy The North American economy during the Age of Exploration was primarily based on exports, from raw materials like gold and wood to animal products, like fur and whale oil. The fur trade, particularly productive in the area that would become Canada, became a huge source of income for settlers in the area in the seventeenth century. The most popular fur was that of the beaver, which was in high demand to make pelts for.. Read More


One of my provocative questions was, “How far does justification go?” What I mean by that is what’s the most terrible thing you can justify without feeling guilty about? Lots of terrible things have happened, and all of those things couldn’t have happened without justification. In the Bible, one of the Ten Commandments was “Thou shalt not kill.” Despite this, the christian church sanctioned numerous wars to regain access to Jerusalem, and the Holy Land… Read More

Thoughts on Columbus

During the read-through on Christopher Columbus’ journey to the New World, I came up with numerous questions and such that I would like to go more in-depth on. One such question was “Why does power lead to cruelty?” In page 6 of the booklet, Howard Zinn describes how “total control lead to total cruelty.” Arawak men were slaughtered by the dozens, some used as nothing more but a way to test how sharp a knife.. Read More