Franz Kafka: An Introduction

First off, picking an eminent person is hard. I switched between a few people, and really only made my final decision based on a need to finish this post. I guess that just shows that there’s a lot of eminent people out there, ready for grade 9’s and 10’s to write speeches about them. My eminent person is Franz Kafka. Born in July of 1883, he is considered one of the most influential writers of.. Read More

Library Post!

I don’t know if this is early or not, but I have time to post it now so whatever. Today, we went to the Vancouver Public Library, and to McLeod’s Bookstore. There was just so many books strewn all over the place at McLeod’s, it was like a library exploded. I looked through, and I didn’t really buy any books about my eminent person since I know I’m just going to use them once. But,.. Read More

English Civil War

The English Civil war happened in a turbulent time for the British Monarchy. The kings were abusing their power, and the populace wasn’t happy. The conflict started after King Charles the First disbanded Parliament, and that’s where I thought of my first few question. How much power did the Parliament have over the people of England? How much support did the Parliament have with the people of England, and why did they have so much.. Read More