Trouble in Paris

July 1st, 1789 The people are angry. They’ve been mistreated for far too long, forced to stand by while the ruling class pillages their food, money, and land. Revolution is in the air, it is time for a new order to be established. I have heard whispers of dissent, and I feel that the time is coming for France to be handed over to the people. I am interested to see where this goes, perhaps.. Read More

Socials Midterm

  Big Idea My big idea is that ‘collective identity is constructed, and can change over time.’ I chose this because it was the idea that I agreed most with, and it shows itself in lots of history books. To me, collective identity is just as flexible and fluid as personal identity. The choices of a nation and its history and culture are as unique as any person’s. It’s also an idea that I can.. Read More