Closer and Closer: In-Depth Post #3

It’s week six of the In-Depth project, and I am mentor-less. It’s frustrating, but I’m doing all I can. The problem is, everyone I’ve asked is just so busy. I’ve reached out to various teachers, looked around the community for people able and willing to be a mentor, but it’s so far been a fruitless effort. However, I’m making lots of progress in the area I chose to learn about. By my next post, I’m going.. Read More

In-Depth Post #2

This is the second post about my In-Depth journey. This one is going to be centered on me, since I have not found a mentor yet. There are a variety of reasons, but what is important is that I don’t stop my project. So, I’ve taken my project into my own hands for now, although I am working very hard towards finding a mentor. A partial mentor I had talked with, who had given me.. Read More