In-Depth Post #4: A Rocky Road

March 3rd, 2017 Updates: I have been doing more research about cheese making and using up the last of my rennet before I go on vacation. In addition, I have found a potential mentor through the help of some friends who know a person with cheese making experience. Frankly, I’m relieved that after constant searching, I’m close to finally getting a mentor and being able to ramp up my learning. When beginning this project, I.. Read More

Le Nouveau Maire de Québec

October 1st, 1857 Today is a wonderful day for the Conservatives of Quebec. because I, Hector Langevin, have been elected as mayor of Quebec City. As acting mayor, I plan on making the lives of everyone in the city much easier. I plan to overhaul the city’s financial systems, making Quebec more prosperous and increasing the wealth of the average citizen. I will also focus on transportation, as I plan on constructing a major railway in.. Read More