October 1st, 1857

Today is a wonderful day for the Conservatives of Quebec. because I, Hector Langevin, have been elected as mayor of Quebec City. As acting mayor, I plan on making the lives of everyone in the city much easier. I plan to overhaul the city’s financial systems, making Quebec more prosperous and increasing the wealth of the average citizen. I will also focus on transportation, as I plan on constructing a major railway in Quebec, located on the North Shore near the Maritimes. This new railway will increase trade with the Maritime areas, and bring in trade and wealth from the East Coast.

In addition to bringing newfound prosperity to our city, I will protect the integrity of our French culture. First and foremost, Quebec City is French, and will always be French. Canada East is distinct and unique, and the British would be wise to remember that when dealing with me. Quebec City will never accept any deal that doesn’t put our French values first, and the British will never pass any laws or make any deals with us if there is even a chance that it will give them the leverage necessary to dismantle our culture. The English cannot and will not be trusted, and will always come second to what the French want, and that is my promise as Mayor.