March 3rd, 2017


I have been doing more research about cheese making and using up the last of my rennet before I go on vacation. In addition, I have found a potential mentor through the help of some friends who know a person with cheese making experience. Frankly, I’m relieved that after constant searching, I’m close to finally getting a mentor and being able to ramp up my learning. When beginning this project, I never anticipated how difficult it would be to find a mentor for cheese making, but alas It’s been an arduous challenge.

It’s mostly a challenge because of how time consuming the skill is. People who work in the field, and have experience with it, just don’t have the time to act as a mentor for someone interested in learning for a school project. The main thing I’ve taken from my search for a mentor is that I should’ve tried to find a mentor, or researched how available a mentor would be, before focusing on a specific topic for my In Depth. If there was a next time, I’d take availability of mentors into much more consideration, since the lack of a mentor has been a personal disappointment and has been a bit of a setback for me. However, I’ve done fine on my own, and I hope that the potential mentor I found will be available and willing to help me with my project.

My goals for my next post are to finally bring in some cheese to share for the class, and to get answers for some of the mentor questions. Despite setbacks, this year’s In Depth has been a wonderful learning experience, and I’m glad that I chose the topic that I did.

Until next post, Alan.