Blog Post #6

Updates and Changes: I still have not found a mentor, but I continue to work on my project. As I think I mentioned in last week’s post, I ordered some more supplies to make cheese that should arrive soon. Once they arrive, I plan to make some cheese and bring it in to share. Despite not having a mentor, I have been doing research. I went and got a book from the library called “Artisan.. Read More

Socials DOL: A Country of Peace

Background Throughout the world, there exists no stereotype quite like that of the polite, friendly Canadian. Sure, there are many countries who’s citizens are known as being particularly amiable, but nothing can compare to the ubiquitous notion that Canadians are just nice. It’s not just a stereotype. Canada’s history, while having some rough patches and unsavory sections, is generally cleaner and more blood-free than that of most other nations in the world. One only has.. Read More

In-Depth Post #5: What’s Next

01/04/2017 At this stage in my project, I have still not found a mentor. However, after a brief hiatus over spring break, I’m ready to keep on progressing with my knowledge of cheese making. A few days ago, I ordered some supplies I’d been missing so that I can make more cheese. Once they arrive, I plan to buy some goat’s milk from my local superstore and make some basil goat cheese mozzarella. This is.. Read More