At this stage in my project, I have still not found a mentor. However, after a brief hiatus over spring break, I’m ready to keep on progressing with my knowledge of cheese making. A few days ago, I ordered some supplies I’d been missing so that I can make more cheese. Once they arrive, I plan to buy some goat’s milk from my local superstore and make some basil goat cheese mozzarella.

This is the recipe I plan on using, making some adjustments to add the basil. https://www.weedemandreap.com/recipe-homemade-goat-milk-mozzarella/

I plan on recreating the photo shoot in the article when I create the cheese myself, so that I have some documentation of my process. I will put the photos into an album with captions, so that I can explain the process with more detail and add my own unique thoughts.

I actually am able to talk about this week’s reading in this post. I learned a way to add herbs to fresh cheese during my only conversation with my mentor, who cancelled on me due to not having the time to commit to the project. An important part of the mozzarella making process is stretching the cheese, which allows the protein strains in mozarella to stretch, creating the familiar stringy texture we all recognize in mozzarella. During this kneading and stretching, I learned from my mentor that it is possible to add herbs in order to mix them into the final product. Adding fresh, finely cut herbs such as basil, garlic, or jalapeno peppers can add a powerful burst of flavor to your end product. I plan on using this method to mix basil and jalapeno to my mozzarella, to make it a little more palatable.

That about sums up today’s post. ETA for the supplies I ordered is about 3 business days, meaning that I’ll start producing some mozzarella soon.

-Alan M.