Document Of Learning

This doc is a recap for me, detailing all the things I learned. First off, my library post and the respective trip. This was the thing that started my entire eminent project. Funnily enough, I started out my project with an entirely different person. I had originally chosen Mahatma Ghandi, but I changed my person about a week after. I switched because there just wasn’t much to say about the guy. His life had no.. Read More

Eminent Speech Draft, and Final

Draft: Intro: We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of our beloved Franz Kafka. I am honoured that out of all the good people in his family, you chose me, Max Brod, to give a eulogy on Franz’s accomplishments and personality. I hope that I will be able to represent him as well as his sister and mother have done before me.   “When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dreams,.. Read More

My Learning Center!

This is my learning centre post! My main goal for this was to recreate the place where my author gained his eminence, his writing desk. I took a few pictures of me in the act of explaining my center and some things about Franz Kafka, and included a picture of the center itself.     Here I am, talking to a visitor about some of Kafka’s personal connections to his work.   I’m putting up.. Read More

My Kafka Interview!

Here is my transcript from my interview. Keep in mind that I interviewed a professor of literature who lives in Chile, so I need to translate the text, so I can’t really put the original messages here, since it would be hard for most people to understand. Keeping that in mind, parts of the interview transcript won’t be as clear or have the fullest effect as they might in their original language, and some parts.. Read More


During Eminent, I wanted to use a variety of sources. I had an advantage since my person was a writer. I could read his novels to get a better understanding of who he was. Here is one of the novels I read that Kafka wrote. I used this source to kind of get an understanding of what Kafka Another of Kafka’s books can be found here. Some sources I used for the more bibliographical portion… Read More

Franz Kafka: An Introduction

First off, picking an eminent person is hard. I switched between a few people, and really only made my final decision based on a need to finish this post. I guess that just shows that there’s a lot of eminent people out there, ready for grade 9’s and 10’s to write speeches about them. My eminent person is Franz Kafka. Born in July of 1883, he is considered one of the most influential writers of.. Read More

Library Post!

I don’t know if this is early or not, but I have time to post it now so whatever. Today, we went to the Vancouver Public Library, and to McLeod’s Bookstore. There was just so many books strewn all over the place at McLeod’s, it was like a library exploded. I looked through, and I didn’t really buy any books about my eminent person since I know I’m just going to use them once. But,.. Read More

English Civil War

The English Civil war happened in a turbulent time for the British Monarchy. The kings were abusing their power, and the populace wasn’t happy. The conflict started after King Charles the First disbanded Parliament, and that’s where I thought of my first few question. How much power did the Parliament have over the people of England? How much support did the Parliament have with the people of England, and why did they have so much.. Read More

North American Economy

Economy The North American economy during the Age of Exploration was primarily based on exports, from raw materials like gold and wood to animal products, like fur and whale oil. The fur trade, particularly productive in the area that would become Canada, became a huge source of income for settlers in the area in the seventeenth century. The most popular fur was that of the beaver, which was in high demand to make pelts for.. Read More


One of my provocative questions was, “How far does justification go?” What I mean by that is what’s the most terrible thing you can justify without feeling guilty about? Lots of terrible things have happened, and all of those things couldn’t have happened without justification. In the Bible, one of the Ten Commandments was “Thou shalt not kill.” Despite this, the christian church sanctioned numerous wars to regain access to Jerusalem, and the Holy Land… Read More